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Looking at the web traffic and what it might show

Usually two entry pages are the most popular month after month. The Tree of Life picture here, and Sex & The Modern Pagan. Much of the traffic for the last comes from the Theologies of Immanence Sexuality page (thanks guys!) where they've also linked to one of my Pagan Vigil entries. This month the number two is How out is "out?", which I suppose could be sexual.

Believe me, I've thought about going the sex route a few times. "Pagan" and "sex" are strongly linked in the public mind. If all I wanted was web traffic, I could throw up pictures of bare-breasted ladies and go to town.

I'd like to think we stand for something more, but lately that seems to be victimhood and a lot of moralizing.

Maybe that is why I avoid the "Pagan Community."

Ah well.

I'll do another entry this afternoon.

Posted: Tue - August 24, 2010 at 07:26 AM
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