Stolen from my private note file

No, you're not allowed to see my free form thoughts and lists. Even if I published them. Well, maybe this once.

I'm having a terrible time thinking of a worthwhile entry today. So I am going to try something completely different.

I carry a Palm. It's more than just a datebook and address file, it's where I jot down ideas, copy/paste things I want to remember, and put all sorts of notes on things I want to remember later. This isn't exhaustive studies, more of clippings and tickle entries to remind me later. I don't worry about spelling or grammar, I just put down thoughts.

For example, here's a recipe for one of my favorite summer drinks.

Half fill a water glass with ice.

Put in one and a half fingers of lemon juice from concentrate poured slowly down the inside edge of the glass.

Put in one finger of lime juice poured slowly down the opposite inside edge of the glass so it sits on the lemon juice.

Very slowly, fill up the rest of the glass with V8 juice.

If you have done it right, you can see three separate and distinct layers of juice.

Top with a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

Drink with a straw.

The flavor will change as you sip, the ice melts, and the juices slowly mingle.

But let's go to something completely different.

Here are some selections from my Individualist Notes in my Studies file.

Individualist Notes - Category *Studies

Wisdom blends knowledge, experience, discipline, and compassion. Without wisdom, any human endeavor dooms itself.

Individualist philosphy -
Help others achieve their potiential
Join in common goals
Agree to disagree

Say halaljah and praise the process

"Faith manages." - Babylon 5

"If you're falling off a mountain, you might as well try to fly" - Babylon 5

Training - "This is a process that works". Drill and repeat.
Corrective - Process and measurement set by higher authority.
Standard - Process set by regulated, measurement set by higher authority.
Empowered - Goals set by higher authority, measurement set by mutual agreement of regulated and higher authority, process set by regulated.

"Cardinal Principles of Post Modern Technology"
Minaturization - Digitization - Synthesis

"Specialization is for insects" - Robert Heinlien

Laws-Shalt Nots vs Shalts with Process

Manuals should contain 3 levels of complexity (I used to write manuals in my Corporate Clone days)
Refresher - little more than a list of steps
Brief - explanation of basic features
Analysis - exhaustive

Washington Effect - With partial or confusing data, most will choose either a known quanity or a feel good solutions

Normalacy Illusion - Nothing's wrong if the trains run on time.

Tech needs fuzz factors when dealing with humans. Fuzz is designed into a system to deal with humans. A hack is a way to work around the system to deal with humans.

Mistakes that the early christian church made: confininement of God to a church and imposistion of a hierarcy (paternalistic mode)

Five Ferengi Stages of Acquistion-
Infatuation, Justification, Appropriation, Obsession, Resale

Experiment, Experience, Excite, Explore

Four Corporate Waves - Adapted from cogley?
First Wave - Commando - Establish A Presense
Second Wave - Infantry - Crush the Opposistion
Third Wave - Police - Maintain the infrastructure
Fourth Wave - Cash - Buy as needed

I think there is crossover between thought systems and magick. It's one reason I flit from technology to magick to politics to history to art to music to design…

Well, you get the idea.

Anyway, there you have it. An example of my free-form thinking when I am more on my game.

Posted: Tue - June 30, 2009 at 12:33 PM
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