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Thoughts on fluffys and Native beliefs

Last week I saw someone on a list who claimed that a certain Navaho story was linked to her beliefs.

There were a few problems though.

First, it wasn't a story from the Diné.

Second, in the context she used it in, it made the beliefs of the Diné (and most Amerindian beliefs) subservient to her belief system.

Third, her use of the story was inherently racist, making Amerindians dependent on what the nice white folks gave them.

Fourth, she misinterpreted a key part of the story to make it better fit her beliefs.

The really sad thing is that she didn't realize just how badly she insulted the people she claimed to honor.

I know that neopaganism is a set of reconstructed religions, but there is such a thing as basic research. Not to mention respect.

Posted: Wed - August 31, 2005 at 06:47 PM
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