"Not invented here"

Can there be good ideas from people who aren't Pagan?

There is a real tendency among newer pagans to slavishly follow the writings and teachings of one specific author.

Less talked about but still there is the tendency of some pagans to dismiss ideas just because they didn't come from a pagan source.

For example, take business books (confession time, I am a former Corporate Clone). Some of these people must know something about small group dynamics, after all, it can't all be blind luck.

Computer coding is one of the best documented use of alternative symbol systems today, some fantasy authors have speculated that the techniques of computer programing could be used in spell creation.

I'll agree that most buildings in the US are terrible. But if you could find some of the good ones and study the thought that went into them, you might learn how to evoke some of the feelings those buildings give people.

Why don't we look beyond our borders into other fields?

Posted: Mon - August 15, 2005 at 03:35 PM
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