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Answering my email

At one point I was studying for the ministry. I still have some friends and contacts from those days. Well, over the last week or so I've gotten emails from almost every one of them telling me about the vampyre in Minnesota who is running for governor and recently got arrested.

Now I don't know this guy. His self-description seems a little odd, but who am I to judge?

But the flake factor gets me every time.

I'm sure he takes himself very seriously, but he doesn't speak for me.

I really wish people would quit trying to rabble-rouse the "pagan community."

There are some political things that we as Pagans need to watch. But I don't buy into this "deserves our support because they are pagan."

Same thing happened with that show Mad Mad House. There was this push to support the show because a certain ex-rock singer/witch was on it. But the lady in question is a flake. I related better to the naturist and the modern primitive. Celebrity can't replace dedication or sincerity or expertise.

I want to choose who to associate with. Accepting someone "as is" because they call themselves Pagan or Witch or whatever doesn't work for me.

And that brings us back to Jonathon Sharkey. Ordinarily I would ignore him. But I have friends I respect who want to know how many Pagans and witches are in it for the attention.

And the only answer I can give is too many.

They know me, so they know that not everyone is like that. But it is not easy to look beyond the flakes and the fluffs and the weekend pagans to find any kind of depth.

Fortunately there does seem to be a shakeup going on. Unfortunately it makes some of the more fascinating Pagans and trads harder to find.

Posted: Wed - February 1, 2006 at 11:36 PM
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