One of the "Old Guard" speaks

And she speaks truth

I don't quote a lot on this blog.

I have quoted sunfell before on this blog, and for good reason.

This entry and it's comments are worth reading.

Wow. How sweet. And how typical of the attitude of the Llewellyn-raised set. Just wait for the people who put Wicca on the map to die off, so they can do what they want! No more cranky old Elders or curmudgeons, or people who were either founders or taught by founders to get in the way of their fun. No lineaged Fascist Meanie Poo-Poo Heads to come around and say, "Hey! You can't have Rosicrucian Wicca! Stop that!" No one to stop them from making a total hash of a respectible faith and turning it into the orphaned child of the Pagan movement.

No one left but a bunch of narcissistic, feel-good, Llewellyn-taught, fluff-filled Chosen Ones™ calling themselves "Lord" and "Lady" without some Olde Farte cranking a skeptical eyebrow at them.

I ought to be unhappier about this, but for some reason, I am not. It's a reflection of the tidal shift in attitude since the avalanche of books about Wicca and Paganism really began 15 years ago. The OffShelf folks are happier with the faint whiff of teaching that is imparted from their often poorly researched books than from an actual Teacher who will make them do some real work and exert some real effort to earn their stripes. Why bother with that when you can do a 'self-initiation' with a carefully selected set of goodies and a book open to "Self Initiation Ceremony" and a inky lecture on how, "if you think you are a Witch, you are a Witch!" rolling around in their heads.

With people like her, I have faith in the promise.

Posted: Sat - May 6, 2006 at 04:55 PM
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