Time is not on my side.

Putting aside the magick so I can deal with the rest of life

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about emerging faith-based versions of Paganism instead of magick-based ones. At the time I had no idea I was going to spend so much time following faith instead of magick.

At least temporarily.

I haven't had much time to think about it yet, but I think time may be one of the key differences.

It takes time to study magick, to think about it. It takes time to get the spell symbolism straight and engraved in your head. It takes time to find the balance points. And it takes time to open yourself up to the Divine.

Not to mention recovery afterwards.

That isn't exactly something that fits in a 9-5 world. And I don't have a family to cope with.

Magick by it's very nature (pun intended, you can hit me later) doesn't exist confined to one world, it exists by bridging the worlds.

Before these last couple of weeks, I would schedule my rituals and spells (I admit it). But I had time to devote to it, and not just the five minutes there and the hour here that I could spare from other projects. It's hard to read about ritual when you have a little voice in the back of your head balancing the checkbook, while another is reminding you of who to call today. The very things that make it possible to cope with the modern world distract you from magick.

Magick needs attention and focus. I suppose you could multitask with it, but that is beyond my ability right now. Sort of like target shooting while riding a motorcycle and singing.

On the other hand, devotionals are easier. They aren't as time intensive. And you aren't trying to change the world.

Posted: Thu - August 31, 2006 at 08:08 PM
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