Starting with stories - Updated

What do a culture's stories say about the journey?

I had to do a road trip last week, so I had thinking time. In northern Arizona, it's not unusual to drive a few hours to get anywhere.

It seems to me that we all start with stories, even those of us who change to our own journeys. That means that much of our lives is going to be shaped by the stories we choose. One of the things that makes a culture is the stories we share.

That made me take a hard look at some of the stories that we share in America today.

We all know about the savior stories, the ones where the Chosen One swoops in and solves all our problems, We know where those come from, and I don't think we need to dwell on it.

And then there are the stories where the community/group solves the problem, or might even have prevented the problem if only SOMEONE had followed the rules.

What we're missing are the stories about the "ordinary" people who succeed without being rescued by the Chosen One or saved by society. I haven't had a chance to research it yet, but I suspect this is unusual.

It makes me think even more about the stories that American Neopagans share.

I am fighting off a cold and probably not being as clear as I could be, but I wanted to toss this idea out there. I will return to this when I have had a chance to mull it over some.

UPDATE - The original entry said "American Pagans," it should have said "American Neopagans." I fixed that.

Posted: Thu - January 25, 2007 at 11:10 PM
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