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Submissive in the face of adversity

One of the great disadvantages to going out of town is that I fall behind monitoring news stories such as this one. Obviously I haven't followed the story that close, and if it weren't for the links at Wren's Nest I probably wouldn't have read this piece. It's obvious the guy needed help and that the original story was sensationalistic.

Nothing new there.

Obviously someone filled the author in on the Wiccan Rede and that is where he got the "harm none" bit.

Let's back up just a minute.

Why should Pagans have to tell people that they "harm none?" Especially when it may not be true?

Why should a modern American Pagan be a pacifist doormat?

I don't condone going around thumping people for no reason, but we should have some options.

I can't believe that the mainstream is so threatened by the very notion of our existence that we have to constantly reassure them that we won't blow up.

Notice I said mainstream. The radical evangelicals and Christian dominists are not mainstream, no matter how hard they try to convince others (and themselves) otherwise. They are at best fringe elements, and the louder and more active they are, the more fringe they will become. The fact is that we can't make those people comfortable without disappearing from the face of the planet. So why should we try?

There are people who will gladly accept us as people, even if they aren't ready to celebrate the rites of a Pagan faith.

I firmly believe that if we show others that we are people who happen to be Pagan rather than trying to ram Paganism into their face, we'll have a better chance. We shouldn't have to make excuses for who we are. We're people first. Not Pagans. Not men. Not women. Not gay. Not straight.


That's what we share with other humans. Rather than flaunting our differences and going out of the way to call attention to our collective weirdness, we should reach out with what we share.

Are we dangerous? Some are, some aren't.

Are we generous? Some are, some aren't.

Are we threatening? Some are, some aren't?

Are we reassuring? Some are, some aren't.

I know this much. I am more likely to make a friend if I talk about the things we have in common.

In this particular case, the original reporter didn't know anyone to ask. What would have happened if his neighbor had been Pagan?

We shouldn't have to cow down before the fears of a vocal minority.

Posted: Thu - May 3, 2007 at 08:09 AM
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