Licensed fortune-teller with a witch stamp

Salem politics, which I don't understand

I don't have a really good feeling for the politics of Salem and the personalities involved, so it is not really a subject I talk about much. But I have to wonder just what is going on there, Jason Pitzl-Waters has been watching, and he asks the important question.

Considering the pull Cabot and her allies have with the local Wiccan and metaphysical community in Salem, I doubt this issue is over. Like I said in my original entry, when 10% of your population are practicing Witches, issues like this become a big deal. Aside from the licensing conflicts I'm curious why the WPAL (formerly the WLPA), an advocacy organization dedicated to dispelling misconceptions about Witchcraft, would involve itself in a matter that pits Witch against Witch?

I am historian and libertarian enough to know that licensing usually is a way to protect existing businesses and lock out new businesses.

Unfortunately, this is the very crowd that tries to attract attention.

Posted: Sat - June 16, 2007 at 01:11 PM
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