Exploiting children - Updated

Touchy subject making the rounds again.

One of the topics that I don't particularly want to discuss has come up again. One of the better write-ups is here.

Child sexuality is a topic that presses a lot of buttons. While I do believe that children should be protected from those who would exploit them, I also believe that children are human and therefore sexual beings, even before the hormones start carbonating in puberty. It is part of the biology. Humans aren't "innocent" when it comes to sex, although they may be ignorant.

Remember that the extended childhood is a Western invention of the 20th Century. In fact, it's a post WWII phenomenon. My maternal grandmother was barely 15 when she got married, and she had her first child almost a year later.

There are some 14 year olds who have the emotional maturity to make decisions about sex, and there are some 40 year olds who don't.

Yes, the Frosts crossed the line, and not for the first time. I am not sure that justifies the attacks on them because I can't sort through the hearsay.

On the other hand, there are some others who will stay on my personal Watch List for a long time to come.

Update - In response to my email...

I am not advocating sexual activity with minors.

I do believe it is hypocritical pretending that teenagers and (in some cases) pre-teens do not have sexual feelings.

I think it is appalling to pass off ignorance as some sort of virtue of innocence. I'm hardly alone in that.

Again, check your history. The whole "no sex until after they are 18" is a Western concept. It's foolish to think that a moral declaration will supersede the biology every time.

Posted: Sun - August 12, 2007 at 11:36 AM
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