Ritual Nudity

Not sure if this was a genuine email, but I am giving them the benefit of a doubt

I did get an email about my last post. I'm not quite sure what to think about it, in part because it was sent from an anonymous emailer (which the neowayland dot net email filters flag), but it did raise a couple of interesting points.

First, I'm a solitary. I usually work alone. I don't often work with others, but when I do, I usually wear clothes. They do too. That saves misunderstandings all around.

While I believe that nudity does help my rites, I don't think that every Pagan should be naked for their workings. I'm not going to make that choice for you, only you can do that. If anyone tells you that nudity is absolutely necessary, it's probably not the ritual they are after.

I'm pretty discreet, my backyard has a lot of plant cover. Even in the middle of winter, the fence is about half covered with vines. Of course, I'm not nude outside then. Below 45 degrees or so and it's a little cold without a bonfire. The city frowns on bonfires, that's when I move inside and in front of the fireplace for most of my workings. Behind thick curtains I might add, just so I don't make the neighbors any more nervous than they are already.

Nudity does not equal sex. Period.

Don't believe ANYONE who tells you that sex is required for a ritual.

Make sure your working area is clear of things that can poke and prod.

If you are interested, I did a basic thing on working skyclad in 2005. The ideas still work.

Posted: Mon - September 15, 2008 at 01:28 PM
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