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As Pagans, which world should we live in? Is there a difference?

"Why does your enlightenment demand that I sacrifice?"


A while back I ruffled some feathers on a pagan list. According to some of the members of that group, it was up to the "enlightened" pagans to show the rest of us poor souls how the message of Peace-Love-Freedom-Happiness resonates with the Universe and with Mother Gaia.

"And if that happens, everyone will be eaten by wolves.  Mother Gaia is sometimes Kali.  Light and dark aren't opposites, they are the same thing from different perspectives."

That was my reply. That was the comment that annoyed the list owner. And that was the comment he used as an excuse to kill the list.

Many modern Pagans believe that True Magick™ and True Paganism™ is all that is required to change this world into a place of happiness and ethereal light. But that is not the world we live in. I come from farmer stock, I tend to look at things a little more practically.

Anyone who doesn't think that red mouthed carnivores aren't a part of the world has never had to chase foxes away from chickens. Or had a cat give you the gift of a dead bird. Anyone who thinks that plants are peaceful passive creatures has never had to weed a garden in August. Or had to patch a sewer line that tree roots broke.

Folks, if I could make you happy and tell you that there are no fangs that bite or claws that rip, I would.

But I can't. That would be a lie. That would be a betrayal of the Lord and Lady. Death is a part of life, life is a part of death. The Wheel turns. We can't insulate ourselves from death without insulating ourselves from life.

Remember all those stories about heros, gods, and goddesses descending into the underworld? Those aren't just stories, they are fundamental guides.

We're Pagans, we're supposed to be attuned to the natural world! How does that work if we ignore the parts of the world we find "icky?" If we do that, aren't we cutting ourselves off from the very Nature we are supposed to celebrate and cherish?

I don't think it is an accident that this ideal is so close to the Christian idea of paradise. It's a nice dream, a place where the lion will lie down with the lamb and everyone will drink from the well of spiritual enlightenment. In the long run though, the lion would have to be true to it's nature or starve.

Why does your enlightenment demand that I sacrifice?

How is it that pacifism and non-confrontation became the marks of a True Pagan™? I suspect this is so some people have an excuse to celebrate their victimhood.

Maybe I am wrong. Like I said, it's a nice dream. But to be honest, I don't think that utter peace and harmony are practical. I do think we can reach for balance.

If that makes me "infected" and not "spiritually enlightened," so be it.

Posted: Tue - May 31, 2005 at 05:25 AM
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