My connections to the winter

I was born in early January. Winter is my favorite time of year. I've always felt very closely linked to it. Now part of that is probably the holidays when I was a kid. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday. Sort of like something building up to my own personal celebration.

But at the same time, there is what I call the "quiet thrill." Those moments that touch you at your very core. Like looking up into a cold desert night and seeing thousands of stars burning with a bright fury. Or throwing a pinecone on a campfire and having the first explosion shoot shivers down your spine because you know that fire and air are two of the primal elements that make you who you are and make the world what it is. Or when you look out on a land buried in trackless snow and knowing that if you just asked right, someone or something might tell you the secret to dance along the surface without leaving traces.

To me, winter is more. It is the barest glimpse of what lies beyond the touch of the Divine. It's their passion that brings life out of stasis, that gives shape to the seasons, that draws the greensong out.

The Lady's touch is life. The Lord's touch is love.

Those were among the first words I ever wrote in my "Pagan" notes. Those were the pages where I tried to organize what I knew about my new faith after I accepted I was Pagan. I don't know if I would phrase it that way now, but the words still have their power over me. I knew Who I was talking about. It's still true. But if you really want to hear the power of those words, whisper them into the quiet winter night and listen for what lies under the echo on the wind.

The promise is there.

Happy Solstice from one of the winterborn.

Posted: Thu - December 21, 2006 at 11:32 PM
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