The Real RAW Deal

"Robert Anton Wilson Defies Medical Experts and leaves his body @4:50 AM on binary date 01/11.

All Hail Eris!

On behalf of his children and those who cared for him, deepest love and gratitude for the tremendous support and lovingness bestowed upon us.

(that's it from Bob's bedside at his fnord by the sea)"

Robert Anton Wilson died today.

There are at least twenty-three things I should be saying about him.

Before I accepted myself as Pagan, before I began to really study magick, there was The Illuminatus Trilogy. I can only describe it as a memetic bomb disguised as a nonlinear novel pretending to be a manifesto. RAW was responsible for at least half of that.

Wilson's writings made me both more and less paranoid. They also made me push my understanding and acceptance of reality. That led to chaos magick which led to some very strange places before I found myself.

I suppose there is no better thing I can say than he helped me to see the fnords.

By the time it was legal for me to appreciate Wilson, the days of the counterculture were pretty much over. From one point of view, that only reinforced his messages. Wilson inspired my studies in memetics and what I would later call humantics, although his ideas predated those terms by decades. He's probably one of the five reasons I call myself a philosopher.

Fare thee well.

Posted: Thu - January 11, 2007 at 05:54 PM
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