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Small one today.

Every year in the spring I clean out the fireplace and empty the ash dump. This year was a little fun because the door for the ash dump is in my sanctum, but I was careful and didn't make too big of a mess. I use some of the ashes in my flower and veggie patches, I put a scoop aside, but most go to the trash.

That scoop I put aside is probably about a quarter cup or so. I put some in the mortar. The formula varies a little. One part ashes from the previous years fires, two parts sawdust, two parts mineral salts. I usually use either copper chloride or copper sulfate, both are fairly easy to find. Grind very fine with the pestle.

Melt paraffin over wood chips and coat the chips with the fine powder. Separate into small cloth pouches. Put one portion (without the pouch) in a dark tin or glass container to help start the first fire in the fireplace come fall. Leave room to add more.

Use the other pouches for any ritual fires you have away from your fireplace.

Be sure to collect a small portion of ashes from each ritual fire you are near (it doesn't have to be as much). Repeat the steps to make more coated wood chips to help start your first fire in the fall.

This way, all your fires are linked. I think it is pretty potent myself.

Posted: Thu - April 5, 2007 at 05:19 AM
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