BBQ on Beltaine

So it wasn't strictly Pagan, but there were friends and food and silliness. What else do you need?

I ended up hosting a BBQ for a few friends.

An old style BBQ, complete with the slow grill cooker. It's not mine, I had a friend visiting from Texarkana. He started yesterday morning. Real BBQ doesn't depend on the sauce, but the cooking time.

I did put up a small Maypole among other things, but it was already decorated.

But we went a bit redneck this time around.

I peeled off my shirt, three ladies poured water over my head, and they trimmed off about a handspan of hair. A little more than a handspan actually, closer to eight inches rather than the six or seven I usually do. I'm going to have a hard time making even a small bear tail when I do tie it back.

They took their sweet time, it takes me maybe five minutes and it took them about thirty-five. Deliberately I suspect, it was a little cool to sit still with wet skin, my teeth were chattering by the time they finished. Since I've slept with two of them and at least one of them knows how I physically react to ladies fingers in my hair, I know they were having fun at my expense.

All in all one of my better haircuts.

The meal was great too. Pork, chicken, spinach salad, cornbread, wheat bread, and assorted veggie dishes I didn't ask too much about. An honest to gosh Key Lime pie, along with my contribution of yellow cake and a couple of other pies and cakes I didn't have a chance to sample. Remind me to tell you about my family's yellow cake sometime.

Now I am making myself hungry again.

We did a little singing, we talked about this and that while solving the world's problems, and everyone got mildly buzzed. Most of them on beer, me on the vibes.

Great time.

Posted: Fri - May 1, 2009 at 01:09 PM
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