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An entry from my Pagan & Webtree calendar for today

<Doreen Valiente\deceased> Passing Day (Before)
Lived 04Jan1922 to 01Sep1999 (77)
witch, ritualist, author

Seems like remembering her is a good way to finish the day.

Update - There are times when I really get tired of the criticism. Yes, I know who Valiente was and what her impact was. On this blog, I first wrote about her in passing here (it's mostly an interview conducted by someone else). Doreen wrote the very first book on practical witchcraft that I ever bought. I did an entry on her birthday here where I said "If Gerald Gardner was the 'father' of Wicca and modern Neopaganism, Doreen was the midwife, nurse, and teacher. And probably a couple of other things I haven't mentioned." And of course, she was the very first Before of Thought that I talked about on this blog.

In short, I was a fan of Doreen from before the first time I named myself Pagan, she and her writings were a major inspiration.

Posted: Tue - September 1, 2009 at 09:39 PM
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