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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Act of Change

I actually had plans Tuesday. Nature interfered and I had almost no internet. So let's get back on track.

According to popular culture, magick is about breaking the rules and molding reality.


companion planting, different crops are planted in the same spot, each benefiting the other. Perhaps the best known historical example today is the Three Sisters from certain Amerindian tribes. Squash, maize, and beans worked together. The maize supports the beans so no trellis or poles are needed. The beans fix nitrogen in the soil. The squash spreads out, preventing weeds while blocking some pests. Together, the three plants provide a fairly healthy diet.

Now you could look up companion planting. Or you could experience it. After all it was used in Europe as well, particularly England. But if you didn't know or have the experience, it would certainly be amazingly magickal, wouldn't it?

That's because it IS
amazingly magickal.

Making it work, you can do that by rote. Or you can understand the balances as needed and get even more out of your work.

Yes, you caught me. I was talking about dynamic balances again. I do that a lot.

It's not supernatural. It's about as natural as you can get. You can learn farming and gardening without learning about companion planting. You'll work a harder, but you can do it. Knowing makes things work better. Knowing makes things easier. Knowing means you CAN act and bring out the best in these plants.

In our Western culture, we tend to treat Science as THE god of knowledge. We forget that science is a process. We forget how many facts we just don't know yet. We forget how little of the universe we can actually sense and measure directly.

We forget that science is the bastard child of magick.

If you go by the classic Crowley definition, you'll find that “Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” It’s workable I suppose. I think
initiating, celebrating and directing change is more accurate.

There is another lesson for you today. Use what works. Just because someone was FAMOUS doesn't mean you have to use their instruction manual for your every step. Crowley was an
Expert and impressed with his own self-importance. The Expert tries to wow you with complication while the Master will do it simply and precisely. The Expert can be overwhelmed by their own efforts while the Master just adapts.

All those books telling you how to work Genuine Magick, all those Tables of Correspondences, all those diagrams of how to set up a Really Real Altar, it's
complication, not mastery.

The first thing you need to know is the World around you. The rhythms, the interconnections, how energy and matter move from one thing to another. You need to know how the balances work. You should know how you can shift those balances. The Divine willing, you should see the consequences.

And if sensing that brings a little joy to your spirit, why not embrace it?

It's not in the books. It's in the World. How the World shapes you, how you touch the World, that's the magick.

Choose carefully. Then
act. With just a touch of joy.

How could you not embrace it?

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