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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


The worst part of insomnia is sleeping alone.

I can still smell my sweet companion on the sheets. We started at her house and ended at mine, I’m still not sure why. The weekend was fun, but it’s dark & early Tuesday and I am counting shadows on the ceiling. Too much of this is just depressing. So it’s time to get up, at least for a bit.

There are still embers in the fireplace, I’ve had a fire since Sunday afternoon. I stir the embers and throw in a couple of pine logs and then a juniper. The house is warm but not sweltering. With the front drapes closed there’s no need to grab clothes just yet. I’ve thought a time or two about tinting the front windows so I won’t need drapes.

Candles on the mantle.
Time to renew the healing workings. I’ll do more at dawn.

I squat in front of the fireplace, letting the heat lick my skin and tickle my manhood. I can’t do this long, my knees aren’t what they once were. But this is a primal pose, it brings me closer to the fire than almost anything else I can do alone.

Fire good, I grunt only half alound. There’s a rasp in my voice, I need a hot beverage. But that can wait a bit. I wrap my arms around my chest and close my eyes. In my mind I picture the heat washing through me as the flames almost touch me. I take a deep breath and hold.

Earth. Air. Fire. Water.

Stars above.

Earth below.

Wind around.

Water through.

The WebTree touches it all.

Sacred flame. Blessed sight. Divine gift. Holy touch.

I hold the pose for just a few more moments

Then I grab a fuzzy blenket and wrap myself up before the hearth. I close my eyes and sleep.

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