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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Coding your mind

So let's talk about something much more interesting.

Let's talk about how your mind works.

I told you I had put it "shortcuts," redirect pages for all the categories and for some of the most popular topics. You probably wouldn't remember
http://www.neowayland.com/files/category-sex.html, but I am pretty sure you would remember www.neowayland.com/sex. The easier to remember shortcut is linked to the more complex addy without any extra work on your part.

Back before the world wide wide, memes were something different other than cute pictures and smart slogans. The information content of thoughts is exchanged between individuals, much like genetic content is exchanged between cells and viruses. Casting genetic material out there isn't likely to be successful, the material needs to be wrapped in something that can be absorbed by the cell. Likewise a meme has to wrapped in something that can be absorbed by your mind.

In some occult traditions, thoughtforms can hold memes. You should be aware that some find the definition of thoughtforms controversial. The word may have started as a translation of tulpa. For our purposes here, I would define a thoughtform as a semi-autonomous structure capable of carrying a meme. An internet picture isn't necessarily a thoughtform. A lower elemental certainly is, although it might be something much more.

And yes, we've touched on one of my particular gifts. I've written about critters before. In my case they may or may not have something to do with my totems, depending on if my totems existed before I thought about them.

A spellform is similar, but usually tied to a physical object and not autonomous.

With a little prep work, thoughtforms, elementals, and spellforms can make magick seem very fast. I don't have to recall the exact details of the spell, I can use the "shortcut."

And yes, it sounds a lot like programming, doesn't it? Is that all that surprising? Programming is just an extension of the human mind. This is just the same application only in a different set of circumstances.

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