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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

NeoNote — He would deny it

Your desire does not control another's choice.
— NeoWayland, sexual beings

Remember Granpa's old Royal

My biological father left my mother before my first birthday. Mom has mentioned his mother, but I've never heard her mention his father. I've never asked.

About a month after my second birthday, Mom married the only man I would call Father. And later, much later, Dad. I was very precocious. A father was a big thing to me and I didn't have one. So I called him Father. It took me years to adjust. It took him years to accept that I was trying to honor him.

Along with Dad, I got three step-sibs, an uncle, some aunts, and another grandfather. Paternal step grandfather. Grandad.


I already had Grandpa and Grandma on my mother's side. But I saw them often. My new Granpa lived in Arkansas. That's a fair distance from Arizona. So I didn't see him as often.

Granpa was a letter writer. He had a well-used old Royal and he would write letters all the time. Getting a letter from him was special. It just felt wonderful. Every time I got one I could just picture him at his typewriter hunting and pecking out the letters.

So of course when it came time to design my sites, I wanted a typewriter font. American Typewriter was my first choice, but the licensing is a little much. Courier worked but not as well. So I used Special Elite from Google Fonts.

I really wanted to use it in my lexicon, but it doesn't play well with other fonts. So I use Courier for the lexicon.

But the quotes from me, the NeoNotes, and now the Taproots entries, all those use Special Elite.

It helps me remember Granpa when I read those. And I want to pass those good feelings on to you..


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