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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Lexicon entries & links related to philosophy

ace factor    acknowledge but not celebrate

argumentum ad hominem    ad feminam    agora

ad hominem    ad ignorantiam    ad mulierem

And yet it moves    anima    animus

anthropic principle    as a rule, absolutes don’t

Asimov's Laws    Authority Figure™    autodidact


bandwagon fallacy    be strong to be useful

begging the question    biophilia hypothesis    borders

burden of proof reversal    bystander effect

Clarke's Laws    Classical Wisdom Weekly

Commandments of Coyote    correlation isn't causality

daemon    damnatio memoriae    DifferenceBetween.com    DARVO

deep ecology    deus ex machina    dhimmitude    didactic

dominion theology    dominionism    doublespeak    dualism

Dunbar's number    dynamic balance

economics    elegant simplicity    environmentalism    EoR

episteme    Eppur si muove    Être fort pour être utile

Ethic of Reciprocity    ethos    experience

experienced vs. revealed    expert

faith    faith triumphant    false cause    false dichotomy

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus    Finagle’s Constant

Fuckin' Finger of Fate

Gaia hypotheses    gaslighting    gatekeeping    Golden Rule

generalized argument    GFY    gnosis    gnostic

Gnosticism    godmask    golden rule (inferior)    Golden Rule

hasty generalization    History of Philosophy    honor

honor culture    humantics

I. Was. Different.    identity politics    important

inter arma silent leges    intersectionality    IS or IS NOT


Journey    the Journey versus the Story    Judeo-Christian

Judeo-Christian heritage

kafkatrap    kafkatrap ‑ applying rational skepticism

kafkatrap ‑ arguing against the theory

kafkatrap ‑ demanding a definition

kafkatrap ‑ guilty because you have benefited

kafkatrap ‑ not authentic members

kafkatrap ‑ privileged position

kafkatrap ‑ refusal to acknowledge that you are guilty

kafkatrap ‑ skepticism about anecdotal account

kensho    KYFHO

label    language    language game    liminal

live & let live works mostly    Logical Fallacies    logos

ludus    Lysenkoism

mala fides    mala in se    mala prohibita    memetic engineering

mindfuck    morality    mostly    Murphy's Law

non causa pro causa

objective reality/truth    objective reality vs. subjective reality

peak experience    philosopher    post hoc ergo propter hoc

sealioning    social compact    social contract

Socratic method    sojourner    somebody else's problem

THE standard argument    Story    the Story versus the Journey

straw man fallacy    Sturgeon's Revelation

subjective reality/truth    syllogism

two most important phrases in human history

thumos    thymos    tit for tat

your logical fallacies




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