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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Lexicon entries for rules & laws


A rule set is not necessarily the best mental tool. It's a working shortcut to get started. It may not be the best way to do things, or even a good general case. It's just fast and workable.

as a rule, absolutes don’t    Ancestral Mystical Authority

Asimov's Laws    Association, Law of
Billy Graham rule   
Cause & Effect, Law of    children & sex    Clarke's Laws

Commandments of Coyote    Contagion, Law of

deep ecology    De mortuis nil nisi bonum    dhimmitude

Dynamic Balance, Law of
ecology, first law    ecology, fourth law    ecology, second law

ecology,third law    EoR    Ethic of Reciprocity

ethical slut    ethos    Evocation, Law of    ex nihilo nihil fit
Finite Senses, Law of    first law of ecology

fourth law of ecology    Finagle’s Constant    five temperaments

flux point    four temperaments    Fuckin' Finger of Fate
Golden Rule    golden rule (inferior)    Gibbs' rules

Gresham's law
Identification, Law of    inferior golden rule

Infinite Data, Law of    Infinite Universes, Law of

inter arma silent leges    Invocation, Law of    Iron Rule
Judeo-Christian heritage
kafkatrap    kafkatrap ‑ applying rational skepticism

kafkatrap ‑ arguing against the theory

kafkatrap ‑ demanding a definition

kafkatrap ‑ guilty because you have benefited

kafkatrap ‑ not authentic members

kafkatrap ‑ privileged position

kafkatrap ‑ refusal to acknowledge that you are guilty

kafkatrap ‑ skepticism about anecdotal account

kayfabe    kids & sex    Knowledge, Law of    KYFHO
Laffer Curve    the Lament    Law of Association

Law of Cause & Effect    Law of Contagion

Law of Creation    Law of Creative Destruction

Law of Dynamic Balance    Law of Evocation

Law of Finite Senses    Law of Perversity    Law of Identification

Law of Infinite Data    Law of Infinite Universes

Law of Invocation    Law of Knowledge

The Laws of Magic    Laws of Magick    Law of Names

Law of Negative Attraction    Law of Personal Universes

Law of Personification    Law of Perspective    Law of Perversity

Law of Polarity    Law of Positive Attraction

Law of Pragmatism    Law of Self-Knowledge

Law of Similarity    Law of Synchronicity

Law of Synthesis    Law of True Falsehoods

Law of Unity    Law of Weird    Law of Words of Power

lawfare    Laws of Robotics    Laws of Thermosecurity

Leave No Trace    live & let live works mostly
Maillard reaction    mala fides    mala in se    mala prohibita

Melody’s Law    mercantilism    microaggression    Murphy's Law

Mike Pence rule    miscegenation    monotheism’s first sin

monotheism’s second sin    monotheism’s third sin    morality

mostly    Murphy's Law    MYOB
Names, Law of    Negative Attraction, Law of
pagan of color    people of color    Personal Universes, Law of

Personification, Law of    Perspective, Law of    Perversity, Law of

Platinum Rule    Polarity, Law of    political correctness

political ghouls    politics    politics of victimhood

; poor little me    Positive Attraction, Law of

power over versus power with    Practical Grudge Limit

Pragmatism, Law of    precautionary principle

principal agent problem    privileges
Robotics, Laws of    rule, Billy Graham    Rule, Golden

rule, inferior golden    Rule, Iron    rule, Mike Pence

Rule, Platinum    Rule, Silver
second law of ecology    Self-Knowledge, Law of

Seven Principles of Leave No Trace    sex rules

Shockley-Queisser Limit    Silver Rule    Similarity, Law of

simony    social compact    social contract

solar limitations    Sturgeon's Revelation

Survival Rule of Threes    Synchronicity, Law of

Synthesis, Law of
TANSTAAFL    thermosecurity    Thermosecurity, Laws of

third law of ecology    thirteen virtues    three laws safe

True Falsehoods, Law of
Unity, Law of
WebTree    weird    Weird, Law of    Words of Power, Law of

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