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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.
Isabella LeCour

“Why are we facing a conundrum?”

Why are we facing a conundrum? The works from Bonewits have proven themselves as functional and relevant to their fields. Just because there is a glaring flaw in the man means we have to toss away his legacy? The idea is nonsense.


Bonewits' works form the backbone of my own work and beliefs. However, those works have that place in no way do to the character of the man who created them but instead on the usefulness of those works instead. I am a strong proponent against 'the cult of personality' so to idealize a man and accept his works solely do to that idealization is repugnant. I think Bonewits would understand and agree. At least that is the sense I get from the works I have from him.

Honour our Pagan Elders

Why can we not choose to honour our Pagan Elders and past with humility and honesty? What prevents us from including a shameful past while holding on to what good treasures they contributed?

Those who did no wrong

If we were to look back and see all our Elders as those who did no wrong, do we not fail ourselves first by setting our own selves up to fail? We learn so much from example. Even from the bad examples, we learn what not to do.

Unrealistic standard

If anything is clearer to me now with this information coming out about Bonewits, there is far more work to be done with dealing with our shadow sides. Our Elders are not saints. I never expected them to be and I refuse to hold them to that unrealistic standard.

Every brilliant man or woman

I have found it seems to be a universal rule, every brilliant man or woman have inside an equally breathtaking flaw. We humans are simply not all good or all bad but a mix of differentiating proportions of both.

“As if withholding belief was a moral crime…”

But every October, I remember. It's my own werewolf story, with me cast as Henry Jekyll. Dr. Jekyll chose to be Mr. Hyde you see. That's my shame.
— NeoWayland, The TPY blog entry that shouldn't have been

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