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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Lexicon & timetable entries
related to celebrations & passages

Alban Arthan    Alban Eiler    Alban Elfed    Alban Hefin

All Hallows    All Hallows Eve    Arbor Day

Arizona monsoon season    Ash Wednesday    autumnal equinox

Beal-tine    Bealtaine    Bealtinne    Bealtuinn    Bel-tien

Beltaine    Beltaine    Beltan    Beltain    Beltein    Beltine

Befores    blood Moon    blue Moon    bright Moon

Brigit’s Day    Burning Man

Candlelaria    Candlemas    Cetsamhain    Christmastide

Cornucopia    crescent Moon    cross quarter day

dark & early    dark Moon    dawn    Disting    dusk

Earth Day (customary)    Earth Day    Easter    Eastre    eclipse

Eoastrae    Eostre    equinox    esbat    Esther

Fat Tuesday    Feast of Apples    Feast of the Dead

Feast of the Ingathering    Feill-Sheathain    fire festival

Firing of the Anvil    First Fruits    First Harvest    flash floods

Galan Mai    Grain Harvest    Greenmark    Greenmark

Greater Sabbat

Hair of the Bear    half Moon    harvest Moon    Harvestpoint

Harvestpoint    Halloween    Hallows    High Holiday

The Hunting of the Wrens

Imbolc    Imbolc    International Astronomy Day

Jani    Juhannus

Lá an Dreoilín    Lady Day    Lady in the Court of Shadows

Lady in the Court of Stars    the Lament    Lammas    Lammas

Lesser Sabbat    Litha    Litha    lunar eclipse    Lupercus

Mabon    Mabon    Mardi Gras    May Day    Midsommarafton

Midsummer    Midwinter    Moon phase

November Eve

Oestre    Oie Houney    Oimelc    Ostara    Ostara

pagan festival season    Pentacle Quest

quarter day    quarter days - Encyclopædia Brittanica

Redmark    Redmark    Roodmas

sabbot    Saint Clement's Day    Saint John's Eve    Saint Stephen's Day    Samhain    Samhain

Shenn da Boaldyn    Shrove Tuesday    solar eclipse    solar festival

solstice    Sparkpoint    Sparkpoint    spring equinox    Springtide

Starwell    Starwell    summer solstice    Summer's End    Summergate

Summergate    Suncrest    Suncrest    sunrise    supermoon

Tailltean games    Tailltean marriage    Thingtide    Three Harvests

Twelvetide    twilight

Walburga    Walpurgisnacht    Wayland's Feast Day

Wintergate    Wintergate

Yule    Yule




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