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What is the difference between a crow and a raven?

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More than you really wanted to know

I live in Northern Arizona and people always tell me that they have never seen such big crows.

Technically, they are crows. But more accurately, they are ravens. All ravens are crows, but not all crows are ravens.

Ravens are bigger, about three to four times as big as a common crow. Raven feathers are shiny black with blue or purple highlights. The bill of the raven is stronger and more curved. Raven wings make a swishing sound. Raven wings are pointed and their tails are longer and wedge shaped.

Ravens prefer wilderness, and in Arizona they prefer the canyons. They can be sociable with other animals, but they don't like cities and urban settings. They really don't like loud noises.

Ravens prefer carrion, but are fair-to-decent birds of prey. Don't be fooled though, ravens will eat berries, insects, and the occasional human neglected cheeseburger. I've also seen them eat lizards and snakes, although eagles still have them beat for that.

Ravens are smart, even for crows. Sometimes they'll go for the bright shiny items, but they've also been known to go for things that make interesting noises when nudged or pecked. I've seen them take things away to examine, only to lose interest until another bird or animal picks it up.

Ravens can be bullies with other members of the crow family. Although ravens usually avoid confrontation with other animals, I've seen ravens face off against animals larger than they are, including humans.

Ravens play prominent parts in many mythologies, including Celtic, Norse, Diné, Apache, and Hopi. Ravens were very common in Celtic art.

More importantly to me at least, Raven is one of my allies, one of my "power animals," and it is a spirit that I honor.

Posted: Tue - November 18, 2008 at 06:38 AM

ETA14Oct2016: I found a great video that addresses the same question.

Find more great information at The Raven Diaries. I have no affiliation with the site, I just like the videos.

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