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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Faith Triad

This was inspired in part by the last comment at this WildHunt.org article. By the time I saw the comment it was too late to answer. The folks at The Wild Hunt avoid vigorous debate, caused in part by me I think.

Obviously there are calls back to the
difference between an expert and a master. This person is focusing so hard on the details that they are missing the point. And because in their mind, the only RIGHT WAY is the one that they have chosen, they can't understand. The symbols are getting in the way.

Yes, I know the irony here. My path started as Celtic Reconstructionist, so who am I to say that the small details aren't absolutely essential?

There's a big truth here. No, make that a Big Truth®. The World we live in now is not the same as the World 2000 plus years ago. Try explaining antiseptics or refrigeration in Latin and see how far you get.

No matter what the inspiration, you still have to come down off the mountain. Living in the Here & Now helps make you human.

So after some thought, I've come up with another triad.

A living faith draws from three sources.

There's what others have done before you. While I don't think it should be the sole focus, I can't deny that stories shape who we are and our dreams.

There's who you are and what you've done. Your life and your connections to the World show how you touch the people and places around you.

And finally there's the link you make to the Divine.

It's the dynamic tension between these three things that shape your faith.

I'm really into those dynamic tensions. It's an
active state, a balance.

Which makes this triad another Rule of Three.

I'm pretty sure this works. But if I elaborate more, I could upset the balance.

Why don't you think about it?

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