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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal 01Dec2017

waxing gibbous moon       cool & clear

Thinking by blogging

As I sit in my chair typing this, I can see the sky beginning to lighten.

I'm doing things behind the scenes that you may not notice. For example. this morning I formatted a page from the third version of TPY. No biggie, right? I've been doing that a lot. Except this one was an IM conversation and I hadn't set up the format for that yet. The design didn't take long, but all the copy-pasting did take a while.

You'll be seeing the "Revived" pages until I get all the third version pages reformatted and the redirect pages up and tested. It's time consuming, but I feel I'm accomplishing something. There are new quotes to come.

As I've been reading the old entries, I notice that I used to write about the world around me more. I'll see if I can't change that.

Mom has her good days and bad days. We argued because I don't want her to have a Christmas tree to trip over. It's one of my nightmares, she trips and I am not there to do something about it. Fortunately a very good friend stopped by to visit her and brought a tabletop tree. Problem solved.

I'm a little concerned about me though. Twice in the last week I forgot to wash the second shampoo out of my hair before turning off the shower and stepping out. And today I used eyeglass cleaner as hairspray. I'm hoping it's just because I am tired.

There are things to do and places to see today.

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