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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.


Mercury retrograde       breezy morning, windy afternoon
waning crescent moon       Lady in the Court of Shadows

I've been cleaning house and yard to get ready for my Welcome to Summer party on Sunday.

For all my talk about how we should be open about sex, I've made the "public rooms" of the house very not-sex. I have some erotic sculptures I've moved into my sanctum. It's the culture we live in. I'm a single unmarried male who likes to run around without clothes. I have weird politics and a weirder religion. My friends are willing to look the other way as long as I am not too obvious.

So the front drapes get opened and I let in fresh air.

Home should be more than a place to hang our hat. It should nourish and protect us. It should be a place that nurtures our spirit. It should be a place for hospitality and fellowship. It should reflect our inner and outer lives.

About three or four times a year, I have guests and a small party. That's three or four times more than I really want, but even a semi-hermit needs freinds.

My working altar is in the sanctum. When I need a full formal working, I set up the main altar in front of the fireplace. Normally that's my living room. And sometimes, a companion and I fuck in front of the fire. That just adds to the magick. Fire good, grunts Neo. But for parties it needs to look mostly normal.

Or maybe "Mostly harmless."

When I party, I show off my home. And yes, there are some pagan home decoratons. But there is also other art. I'm not just pagan. There are stacks of books. There is comfortable furnature. Most of the paint isn't too wild. Most of it.

This is where I live. It's also the part that I show off to the world. Three or four times a year. To a select few. I even let them get close to where my secret heart lives. I feed them and fufill do honor to my grandmother, a True Southern Lady.

I guess I have a weird mindspace this week. So I am going to cut this one short.

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