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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Journal 07Jul2017

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Thinking by blogging

Tonight's the first night of the full moon. I think I will do a moon bath on all three nights. I'm feeling the need to connect.

Things have been a little tough for Mom. Her memory and thinking are getting better. Her balance was never good, even before the accident. I suspect that she used her vision to compensate, but that isn't enough anymore. Also she doesn't handle 100º + heat particularly well and it is very easy for her to get exhausted. Sometimes she doesn't feel like doing things in the morning, I have to convince her that she doesn't want to be out running around during the hot part of the day.

Gods, I never wanted to be the caregiver. That's where I have to watch myself. It's too easy to give into the resentment and the "why is this happening to ME?" She doesn't need that, I don't need that, and you don't need to read about it. Like it or not, it is a part of my life now, so I deal.


My high desert has been absolutely gorgeous. Clouds high in the sky. A blue so intense that you can almost cut yourself with it. And the Earth rising to meet it.

The tomatoes are outstanding this year. I've been sharing whenever I can. I try honoring my grandfather the Gardner with that. They aren't really your vegetables until you give them away. Funny how a Baptist deacon taught that to a pagan. And that is really important, isn't it? We can't let our faiths and our creeds control how we touch other people. Faith is between you and the Divine. But we're measured by how we touch the lives of other humans.

Yesterday I was at my companion's place. I think my place is a bit more comfortable, but I understand why she prefers her own bed. Also, she has the ice cream machine. There may be something that tastes better on a hot summer night than homemade fresh peach ice cream, but I haven't found it yet.

I want to shower again and get some clean clothes. Also I need to change pendants.

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