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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Summing up the circus

Okay, by request, here's the quick take for those of you who don't want to dig through the whole internet.

Moria Greyland, daughter of Marion Zimmer Bradley and abuse survivor, wrote a new book detailing what she says happened. One new three page accusation said that Isaac Bonewits had sex with her when she was six.

Greyland's timeline doesn't match the timeline of the house owner.

Bonewits was married five times and was polyamorous. He was known for hitting on women and possibly teenagers. Most verified accounts say that the sex was consensual.

At this point I opened my big fat mouth and said because of the timeline and because there weren't other stories of Bonewits molesting children (not teens), I didn't think he had done it. There was a link posted on r/pagan to the article I had seen on The Wild Hunt. I was an active commenter at TWH. I cross-posted the first reply I made on TWH at r/pagan. I was told that obviously Bonewits was guilty and I shouldn't defend sex abusers.

I'm an insomniac, it doesn't take much to mess up my sleep schedule. So that night I wrote the now infamous So much for avoiding the topic, In that article I pointed out that young teens have been sexualizing themselves for decades. I thought this was related to the American post WWII extended childhood. I also said that while I didn't approve, older men have been sleeping with teens for a long time. And I said that sometimes the teens willingly consented and sometimes initiated sex.

At no time did I say this was a good thing. At no time did I say I condoned this. All I said was that it happens and we should admit it.

Well, I was roundly castigated on r/pagan. And I got the hate emails.

And yes, I was told on r/pagan that I would not be allowed to publish on the subject again.

So I wrote In defense of Bonewits' work. Looking back on it I spend too much time defending myself and this site. After careful thought, I put up a link on r/pagan.

I was banned from r/pagan. My entry was discussed on several other sites. The emails got worse. And I got my very own self-appointed Moral Guardian. A very lazy one, I might add who couldn't be bothered to actually look at the site or other places where I've been quoted before all this.

The thing is, I'm still saying the same things about sex now that I was then. Oh, I'm taking another look at consent and what it means today.

This mess boils down to two issues. I didn't accept Moria Greyland's story without question. And I said that teens sexualize themselves, willingly consent to sex with older men, and occasionally initiate that sex.

At no time did I say Greyland wasn't abused.

At no time did I say Greyland initiated the sex in her abuse.

At no time did I blame Greyland for her own abuse.

At no time did I condone older men having sex with teens.

My "crime" was telling truth as I saw it. Something I've done before and will do again.

I've dealt with Crusaders before. Fundamentalist Christian. Climate change alarmist. Radical feminist. Pagan purist. And this time around, sexual victimhood.

They don't want rational discussion. Thou shalt not dissent. Dissent must be suppressed.

So, how do you think that's working out for them?

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