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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

One of my two unbreakable sex rules

Right now I have six sex rules. The first two are carved-in-stone unbreakable. Here's Number One, newly updated.

  1.  Consenting adults only. 
    Emphasis on the C-O-N-S-E-N-T-I-N-G.
    Emphasis on the A-D-U-L-T-S.
    Anything else is rape and should be treated as such. No means no.
    • Your desire does not control another's choice. For me, that means The Lady Always Chooses.
    • Obviously that also means no touching another without permission. Every human is their own person, that includes their body. You own yourself, mind, soul, and body. Nobody gets to grope you unless you want it. If you don't want that, tell them clearly enough so there can be no misunderstanding.
    • Most seduction takes more time than the sex. Done right, seducing is fun and more rewarding too.
    • If someone relies on force and threats for something whose triggers are hard-wired into our very biology, that doesn't say much about their character. Or their ability to pleasure their partners and themselves.
    •  "Don't fuck with kids."  Let the kids grow up and work it out for themselves, just like they do with sports, what clothes to wear, what and when to eat, reading a good book, and using the toilet. Being a kid means learning to deal with life. Kids don't need weird adults complicating sex.
      1. It's not discussed in polite American society, but children are sexual beings. Yes, even the prepubescents. Just because those feelings exist does not mean adults should cultivate those feelings in kids.
      2. American culture sexualizes children and has for decades. There are eight year old beauty pageant contestants wearing more makeup than a twenty-two year old who is club hopping.
      3. The extended childhood thing in the U.S. is a post-WWII innovation. Well into the 1960s, some rural locations had marriages where the bride and groom were under sixteen. Hang around farm animals long enough and you'll learn plenty about sex.
      4. I'm willing to accept the age of consent as a working compromise even though I know a child has been exposed to sexuality pretty much since the day they were born. You can't be human and avoid it. We're wired for it, we long for a simple touch when we don't have it.


Note to my sensitive readers

Before you complain about the nude pictures…


Skinny dipping

But there was a time when skinny dipping was not only common, but encouraged.



I don't think people should be objectified, that almost always means no face associated with the body.


Get religion

Sending kids to "get religion" instead of practicing it with them is one of the surest setups for failure I know.
— NeoWayland

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