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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.
freak the mundanes

On that Pagan community thing

If you promised to be someone else’s “one and only,” you’re off limits. Honor demands nothing less.
— NeoWayland, sex rules

Neighborhood pagan

How we treat the Other may be the defining mark of a civilization. How we treat civilization may be the second defining mark of an individual.

"I. Was. Different." Some outgrow it. Others Want To Be Noticed. Still others
DEMAND attention.

I never have understood why someone would wear ritual garb in public. It probably has something to do with crossover with the SCA, the RenFaire crowd, and cosplay. But these things don't have
pockets. Where do you keep things like your keys, your wallet, and your smart phone? In my case, there are even fewer pockets in my ritual garb.

It's not that hard to "freak the mundanes." But does that mean that people will trust you? Can you trust them? And yes, there will be times
you need to trust someone who doesn't share your beliefs.

Or your

We should discuss that too. I've said before you should not draw power from victimhood. It draws on the pity of others and will probably fade the more you depend on it.

So if your paganism can't depend on how weird you are or how much a victim you are, what should it depend on?

How about your connection to Nature?
Magick may be about changing the world, but paganism is about finding the place where you balance.

You start by being a good neighbor. Not just to the plants and the creatures and the four-foots around you, but to your fellow humans. Those humans are

Yes, really.

Humans are a part of the World. We're not separate.

And that means you should trust your neighbors. That they should trust you. You won't get that with a six inch pentagram and ritual garb. You won't get that with "mysterious" symbols painted on your house. You won't get that if you are too strange.

How we treat our culture may be the defining mark of an adult.

Are you ready?


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