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Occasionally I wandered in where I was not wanted and gave truthful answers.
Sometimes I even did it deliberately. A little disruption now can prevent disaster later.

Judge not by the label

Thinking by blogging
I'm pagan.

In America today, that's commonly accepted to mean that I am progressive, anti-anthropogenic warming, a rabid environmentalist, a male feminist, and an activist for alternative sexual practices.

But I am none of those things.

I'm not progressive. More than anything else, I am anti-government and especially anti-expanding government. I'm libertarian. I learned that most pagans do not share my political views and some think it's a betrayal. For these reasons, I try to separate faith and politics. And I especially try to separate magick and politics.

I don't believe that there is an anthropogenic climate crisis. I think it's an ongoing attempt to politically control other people. In all the time I've been reading about it, no one has given a Plan except give technocrats money and do not ask questions.

I am not an environmentalist. Environmentalism is a political ideology, and not one based in science. Although it does (mis)use the language of science. No true scientist will tell you the science is settled. And no one with the slightest interest in science will tell you to stop asking questions.

I am not a male feminist. I admire women. I seek the Divine in every woman I meet. I don't always find it, sometimes that is my fault. I am drawn to and aroused by strong women. And no, I do not mean shouting females who proclaim their victimhood. But I do not support making men subservient. I do not support making men into something against their nature. There is a Sacred Feminine. But that doesn't mean male must defer to female. Just as it doesn't mean female must defer to male. That strikes me as more politics using guilt to acquire what someone doesn't have the character to share truth and trust.

As long as it is consenting adults, I don't care who you fuck. But I am really big on that first part. There are damn good reasons why that is my first sex rule and one of the two that are carved-in-stone-unbreakable. I don't think you should force it on anyone else. Making it public policy is just politics again.

Recognize a theme yet?

We live in a political age. Blazes, politics is second nature to us. We want to control other people.

But for me, politics is not a part of paganism. Things don't go well when faith and politics are mixed. So I am saying that politics has nothing to do with the sunrise of the bright Moon. You can't find politics in an infant's laugh or in the call of a coyote.

And I won't put it there.

Years ago, I came up with a phrase to deal with Christians who told me what a wonderful thing their faith was. Tain't mine. I think I am going to use it anytime someone tries to mix politics with faith.

These may be amazing causes that we really need to do something about. But they aren't my causes.

Tain't mine.


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NeoNote — Taking a stand against politics in paganism

Seriously though, there are some issues that only touch on politics indirectly that we as pagans should be concerned about. Free speech is a big one. There are some who are convinced that if someone offends them, that person should removed from living memory and never allowed to speak again. There are some that believe that anyone designated a victim should have priority to speak and judge if others have a right to speak.
— NeoWayland

Ecology vs. environmentalism

Ecology studies how living systems interact and interconnect with each other. Environmentalism is about teaching and compelling behavior. These words are not synonyms. As both a pagan and a libertarian, I can not support environmentalism.

Fundamentalism denies others choice

I won't submit to your game. You will frustrate yourself more and more if you keep trying. The reason I can do this here, now, is because America is based on choice and pluralism and responsibility. Bad choices and bad consequences teach people to make better choices.

Fundamentalism denies others choice.

It doesn't matter if it's atheism, Islamist, climate change, Christianity, progressive, conservative, pagan, or libertarian. The label just distracts from the tactic.

Fundamentalism denies others choice.

Why do I do it? Internet debates, emails, and online Pagan groups

I am what I am - updated


Transcending the label

Thinking by blogging

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Summer fairy

I really like the lines and the flow of color on this one.


☥ ▽ ❝I never learned from a man who agreed with me.❞

Robert HeinleinBefore passing day

Lived 07Jul1907 to 08May1988 (80). Author, philosopher, and libertarian.

I never learned from a man who agreed with me.
— Robert Heinlein

Hermit and the noise

You shouldn’t listen to the folks in the weird clothes and making the loudest noises.


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